Financial/Economic, Geopolitical, Scarcity, Strategic, Transportation
By admin / July 16, 2018

China’s Belt and Road Initiative – Blog #1

This is the first RAAD blog in a series based on The Geopolitical Significance of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and What it may Mean for Supply Chain Operations Worldwide, a Whitepaper (27 pg, 128 endnotes) researched and written for RAAD360 LLC ( The goal is to alert supply chain managers worldwide to the complex risks inherent in BRI. RAAD360 provides RAAD™, a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform.

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SCRM Education, SCRM Operation
By admin / June 1, 2018

How Do I Start an SCRM Journey?

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is a journey, not a point solution. This blog by Greg Schlegel, Executive in Residence in SCRM at Lehigh University, and Founder of the SCRM Consortium, walks you through the strategies and steps in implementing SCRM methodology in your organization.

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Natural Disaster, Scarcity
By admin / May 18, 2018

Hurricane Maria Highlights Need for SCRM Planning & Mitigation before a Disaster

A brief exploration of US military supply chain impacts from Hurricane Maria disaster in Puerto Rico by RAAD360 partner company, Bättra. Bättra is a consulting firm that delivers high value operations research and supply chain consulting services to commercial and government clients.

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